USAID Research, Evaluation & Communications

Impact & Performance Evaluations

As part of my work at Cloudburst, I’ve worked on various impact and performance evaluations of USAID land tenure projects across the globe. In creating our evaluations, we design quantitative and qualitative survey instruments including household surveys, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and stakeholder surveys. Our evaluations collect information about land tenure and property rights, conflict, governance, community forestry and many other topics of interest. I largely support the integration of geospatial analysis in our evaluations.

After coordinating the data collection process in country, we do an analysis of our quantitive and qualitative data and compile our findings and recommendations into policy relevant reports for USAID. All of the evaluations are in different stages (baseline, midline, endline etc). 

Current or Past Evaluations

Land and Rural Development Program (LRDP) – Colombia

Land Administration To Nurture Development (LAND) – Ethiopia

Community Forestry Project (CFP) – Zambia

Tenure and Global Climate Change (TGCC) – Zambia

Community Land Protection Program (CLPP)- Liberia