Sharing Evaluation Findings with Communities in Liberia

I worked on the design of a new methodology to share evaluation data in an audience-appropriate manner with the participants of our research activities in Liberia. This novel initiative to communicate evaluation findings with the communities where evaluation data was collected seeks to give communities an opportunity to learn about themselves from the analyzed data on topics that are interesting or meaningful to them. Sharing data with communities also attempts to combat the critique that evaluations are ‘extractive’ by nature. In doing this work, USAID is at the frontlines in demonstrating that evaluation work can also be a source of community knowledge. This activity could also be expanded to other stakeholders including local and/or national government officials and this methodology can be applied to any data collection efforts including baseline and midlines. Furthermore, this activity promotes collaboration between the program implementer, our communications and research teams, local government entities in addition to on the ground facilitators that Cloudburst trains.