Bio-machine Building

This studio project had three stages in the design process. First, we were given an organism in nature to analyze. I was given a hawk. We analyzed the organism’s movements as a mechanical behavior, which included in depth research on how it functions and creating physical models to demonstrate such behavior. We then used this foundation to design a “unit” which reflected the mechanical nature of the organism and thought about the relationship of parts with regard to structural, spatial and temporal conditions. I designed a unit that could be expanded, compressed and combined in a manner similar to how a feather moves. We then used this system as inspiration for our final building design. My building was designed to fluctuate its position depending on the season. What I enjoyed the most about this project was thinking about the movement and mechanics of the pieces I was working with because it was more tangible than the actual building design.

Computer Programs Used: AutoCad, Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino