Design/Build of Public Space – Brazil

I worked with five students and the NGO Axis Mundi doing a design/ build project in an informal settlement on the outskirts of Salvador, Brazil. We lived and collaborated with the community to build benches, tables and a shading overhang in a public area. We used local resources and focused on community participation and participatory design methods. The kids loved to draw so we asked them to decorate the blue and green banners for the shading overhang. We knew that if the kids worked on the project, then they would build self confidence as well as value and maintain the space. Another objective was on preserving current site for laundry, so we integrated poles with attachments for the clothes lines. I was awarded the Judith L. Stronach fellowship for projects that initiate the development of hands-on projects that help to advance change in the way people interact with the world around them.