Design Thinking

I earned my bachelor's degree in architecture with minors in global poverty and environmental design and urbanism in developing countries. My training in the design process taught me how to use design thinking and human-centered design as an approach to better understand and solve problems around the world. I am driven to use these skills to make a meaningful impact on society locally and globally.

Urban & Regional Planning

I completed my graduate degree in urban planning with specializations in international development and women's empowerment. It was critical to me to better understand the systems and conditions that impact communities and how these can be improved to increase quality of life. My work is multifaceted touching on water and sanitation, housing, women's empowerment, land tenure, and participatory planning methods.

Research & Evaluation

I have worked on numerous research projects, which have provided me with a strong foundation in quantitative and qualitative research skills including geospatial analysis and ethnographic research methods. My research and analysis skills are sharp and ensure that I ask the right questions. Research is a critical tool for solving existing issues and informing the decision-making process of projects and programs.

International Development

I've worked and lived in various resource-constrained countries including Guatemala, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Kenya. International development encompasses the institutions and policies that are working towards poverty alleviation, gender equality, economic development etc. When working in an international context, I am a firm believer in building local capacity and making local knowledge more accessible.